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The Retreat Setting

The property which has now evolved into Dos Cabezas Retreat Bed and Breakfast is an historically important landmark and sits among the adobe ruins of Dos Cabezas. In the fascinating book, The Story of Dos Cabezas by Phyllis de la Garza and Carol Wien, one of Dos Cabezas Retreat's three historical adobe homes is featured. We are committed to the ongoing preservation of the adobe homes at the Retreat. Our guests have a special opportunity to experience and feel what it might have been like a hundred years ago, in a truly historical environment.
The guesthouse bedrooms are in what was originally the Kirby house, built in the late 1800's, and  later known as the Hospitality House, owned by T.N. McCauley, owner of the famous Mascot Mine, and after that as Paul and Mary Duncan's Dos Cabezas Craft Center.

Mr. McCauley was a flamboyant character, and a notorious "winer and diner" of prospective investors for his copper mine. He entertained his prospects in the Hospitality House, which we now call the "Pioneer House" where the guest bedrooms are located. He helped build the area to 4,000 residents by selling stock in the Mascot Mine, and he was a hero in the area by providing jobs and a quality lifestyle to "his" townspeople. They adored and worshiped him. The sale of mine stock was a good plan which financed the town and the people, until it became known that the money which people invested went not to copper production, but to finance the livelihood of McCauley and the 4,000 residents of the area. Years later it was discovered that the sale of McCauley's mine stock was a lot of "creative financing," and it took place in part right out of our guest house where you will be staying! Today, Dos Cabezas is noted as one of the top ten ghost towns in Arizona, once home to Doc Holliday's long-time partner, Big Nose Kate, T.N. McCauley, and other old timers of the Old West.

The Retreat is located in the beautiful Dos Cabezas mountains and home to a great birding population, javelina, mule deer, and stars like you've never seen anywhere else.  

The Innkeepers- ​Dorothy and Sam Laage 
We are birders, hikers, and wine enthusiasts who fell in love with southeastern Arizona. With combined backgrounds in public relations, restaurants and hotels, and construction and building maintenance, we are uniquely qualified to make your stay at Dos Cabezas Retreat Bed & Breakfast relaxing and memorable.  We have both taught widely-varied age groups across the years and enjoy sharing our knowledge of history and nature.  Come stay with us.